Saturday, May 26, 2012

Garlic and gardens going's on!

Hello everyone!
Finally, I am getting in gear with the gardens and the blog.
I've had a bit of a slow start this year, but the kitchen garden is mostly planted and growing nicely!
Clean up and (never ending) weeding commenced, 
along with scrubbing the deck & planting the "pretty" pots.

I so enjoy being out doors, even if it is in the 90's!
We warmed up quickly this year, which means my asparagus has slowed to a halt!
Oh Compost!!
(That's garden cussing in case you didn't know!)
Still hoping for a bit of cooler weather,
it is only May for goodness sake!

Hard Neck Garlic
The photo is of our own freshly dug GARLIC!
This is about half of the first small bed, with another bed to dig soon as well.
All planted in the fall for an early harvest this year, then we plant a second round too!
(Yes, we put garlic in most everything!)

I'll be back soon with more pics and a list of favorite Garden books!

Happy digging!
Lori Ann