Saturday, July 18, 2015

sad . . .

Sometimes mother nature is not at her best.
She can give more to some and none to others.
She does not base her giving on merit, but doles out sun, rain
and pestilence willy nilly!
Yet . . . where would we be without her?
We have our bad days too!
More days than not, this is the view out our window
This year due to her "giving" us an overabundance of rain, we've lost
most all the tyme in the stone paths!
Tyme doesn't like it's feet wet, much less totally soaking for days (weeks) on end.
Note these photos of our paths a couple years ago and this week.
For now we will dig out the roots, add more pea gravel and 
re-plant in the spring.
Today . . .
Today . . .
Such is life in a garden . . . 
Lori Ann