Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm Excited!

Let me introduce you to Judy Condon.
Judy is the author of the
"Simply Country"
book series.

Her books cover real country homes, decor and seasonal decorating.
2 years ago she published her first garden book.
Simply Country Gardens
it was such a hit with readers that her second garden book,
Just Country Gardens 
was released this year!

The reason I am so excited ?
(Aside of course, from being greatly inspired by all of the beautiful gardens).
Our own humble gardens will be in her 2013 garden book!
(Judy hasn't chosen a name yet, but I will definitely keep you up on the title and 
release date once it's announced !)

In the mean time you can order and of Judy's books thru

Enjoy and tell your friends!
Lori Ann


Dixie Redmond said...

Lori Ann -

What fun to see your garden as it began and what it looks like today. Wow! I used to garden a lot, and I have a teeny-tiny urge to begin again in a small way....I've been looking at making some hypertufa containers...and maybe a small herb garden.

Elma said...

Wow that is so great that your garden will be in her book!!! I am allways comming back to look at your garden!!!