Sunday, May 31, 2015

If at first you don't succeed . . . .

Each year begins with good intentions of keeping up this garden blog.
Last year , I fear I never got past the "intention" part.
So as they say . . . try, try, again!

My favorite time in the garden is spring with its promise of what's to come.
Sweet daffodils arrive first.
They soon hand the baton to the pink dogwood and red bud trees who pass to the 
Siberian Iris and the early blooming clematis.
May brings a lovely spring harvest ~ spinach, herbs, asparagus, kale and
strawberries are being savored as they too will wane as other
vegetables take their place.

Enjoy a bit of spring in our garden!
Lori Ann

1 comment:

Lana Manis said...

Gosh... this puts my little herb garden idea to shame! Yours is beautiful and I love all the inspiration! :)
I still haven't dug up all the ground in mine yet, so next year should be better as things get established. Do you have some perennial herbs to recommend or do you plant new things each spring?