Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Change is inevitable in a garden

"No two gardens are the same.
No two days are the same in one garden."
Hugh Johnson
A "New" Garden is Unfolding . . .
Soooooo - my last post here was in August of 2015.
Much has changed in life, work AND the garden.
Here's a quick catch up:
December 2015 - I broke my leg while trimming a branch off a tree.
2016 - I spent most of the year healing from 2 surgeries.
(Not too much gardening that year, tho I planted a few tomatoes on a walker!)
2017 - A big year of health challenges for my husband and now
96 year old mother.  
2018 - The beginning of re-working a sorely neglected garden while
still attending to other's health needs.
2019 - the "new" garden is coming along . . . 
She is not like the garden before her, she is maturing, becoming more
peaceful and softer.
(Just as I hope for myself.)

This blog began in 2011. Prior to that (2009) we'd built a lovely "kitchen garden" 
in our backyard. The blog came about as a way to document the garden and 
experiment with recipes using our home grown bounty. (read here).
It was a wonderful time of hard work and tasty dishes!
Across the back of our yard are 8 bald cypress trees. We love them for the 
privacy they afford, but they have grown by leaps and bounds.
The shade they cast over the garden was making it difficult for our
vegetables to remain happy.
In 2017 we made the decision to let the kitchen garden return to the earth.
A crew dismantled the raised beds, took down the fence, re-located gravel and stones
from the path, then leveled the dirt and planted see for grass.
Today, no one would know she was ever there, but I know.
I feel a peace in that area of the yard and am thankful for the bounty she
gave us.

To be continued . . .
(Follow along to see how the "new" garden is shaping up and see where the Basil is now!)

Barefoot and happy as always,
Lori Ann

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