Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's looking like dinner!

Hi there!
Well . . .  August 1st. will be the first meal of my 
"Plant, Eat, Grow" challenge!
(See prior post or sidebar)
 Monday will be our first meal.
The results will be posted later Monday evening, say about 9pm or so!
Hmmmm . . .  what to make?

We are actually still getting a few stalks of asparagus here and there!
I think I'll start with those!

The Kitchen Garden

The garden looks a bit like a veggie jungle, but good things are hidden amongst
all those green leaves.
I'm getting quite hungry !

Lori Ann 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A personal challenge . . .

So, here is my silly personal challenge idea!
Is it a hair "hare" brained scheme? 
Will I be torturing my husband with vegetables?
 Will this just be fun?
to ALL of the above . . .  YES!

Plant, Grow, Eat
is a self imposed challenge to create 30 meals over 30 days
from what is growing in the garden.
In addition to what we pick I am allowed 3 additional ingredients.
Items like cheese, eggs, a piece of fish, etc.
There is a small list of "free" items as well:
Sea salt, fresh ground pepper, olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar, butter (for DH) and various condiments.
Every meal will be foremost . . .

Now . . .  my husband and I eat a little differently, this challenge really is pretty easy for me as I don't eat meat, I do eat some fish, eggs and cheese, tho I could easily live on fruits and vegetables!
So, if I show a grilled Portobello meal, there is a good bet that his plate holds a steak in place of a mushroom! 
Other than that I'll do my best to get him to try a few new veggie dishes!
(Hmmmm . . . .  might be another challenge in there!)

Check "Barefoot in the Basil" on August 1st. for the first yummy meal! 

Right now I'm getting a couple meals in the queue, 
Just in case we are out for a day, or real life intervenes.
 I'm taking the week to prepare a few things ahead like Sweet "fridge" Pickles that take a
week to cure, and compiling recipes and ideas too!

In the meantime . . .   go stick your fingers in the dirt!
Lori Ann

Friday, July 22, 2011

Rain . . .

A wet garden is a happy one,
and a happy girl is one who doesn't need to water for a couple days!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to . . . . "Barefoot in the Basil" !

Hosta - Guacamole

Sometimes I get these crazy ideas . . . .
I can't help myself, it's just how my brain works!
My husband has learned to fear the phrase,
"know what I . . . . meaning "we" should do" ?
I know the look well, he is a master at diplomacy, and he listens to every
word of my idea, but there is still a "look".
He might point out the ill-logical side to my schemes, but all in all he is patient and caring
and along for the ride!
Bless him!

Here is the latest:
Aside from my day job as a "Mohair Artist"
I love to garden,
Barefoot, fingers in the dirt, sweaty, exhausting, talk to the worms, gardening!
I find it amazing that something that takes so much work can relieve stress!
This time of year a day is not complete unless I have stuck my fingers as well as toes
into the dirt.
I also love cooking with all the wonderful veggies we raise in the kitchen garden!
Soooo . . . .
I'm starting a second blog!
A Garden Blog!
By the way . . . this is it & you are here!

I'm also starting out with a personal 30 day challenge,
the details of which I'll post here very soon!

Till then, enjoy this beautiful Hosta blossom!
This hosta is called "Guacamole" my new favorite!

Lori Ann