Sunday, July 24, 2011

A personal challenge . . .

So, here is my silly personal challenge idea!
Is it a hair "hare" brained scheme? 
Will I be torturing my husband with vegetables?
 Will this just be fun?
to ALL of the above . . .  YES!

Plant, Grow, Eat
is a self imposed challenge to create 30 meals over 30 days
from what is growing in the garden.
In addition to what we pick I am allowed 3 additional ingredients.
Items like cheese, eggs, a piece of fish, etc.
There is a small list of "free" items as well:
Sea salt, fresh ground pepper, olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar, butter (for DH) and various condiments.
Every meal will be foremost . . .

Now . . .  my husband and I eat a little differently, this challenge really is pretty easy for me as I don't eat meat, I do eat some fish, eggs and cheese, tho I could easily live on fruits and vegetables!
So, if I show a grilled Portobello meal, there is a good bet that his plate holds a steak in place of a mushroom! 
Other than that I'll do my best to get him to try a few new veggie dishes!
(Hmmmm . . . .  might be another challenge in there!)

Check "Barefoot in the Basil" on August 1st. for the first yummy meal! 

Right now I'm getting a couple meals in the queue, 
Just in case we are out for a day, or real life intervenes.
 I'm taking the week to prepare a few things ahead like Sweet "fridge" Pickles that take a
week to cure, and compiling recipes and ideas too!

In the meantime . . .   go stick your fingers in the dirt!
Lori Ann

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