Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to . . . . "Barefoot in the Basil" !

Hosta - Guacamole

Sometimes I get these crazy ideas . . . .
I can't help myself, it's just how my brain works!
My husband has learned to fear the phrase,
"know what I . . . . meaning "we" should do" ?
I know the look well, he is a master at diplomacy, and he listens to every
word of my idea, but there is still a "look".
He might point out the ill-logical side to my schemes, but all in all he is patient and caring
and along for the ride!
Bless him!

Here is the latest:
Aside from my day job as a "Mohair Artist"
I love to garden,
Barefoot, fingers in the dirt, sweaty, exhausting, talk to the worms, gardening!
I find it amazing that something that takes so much work can relieve stress!
This time of year a day is not complete unless I have stuck my fingers as well as toes
into the dirt.
I also love cooking with all the wonderful veggies we raise in the kitchen garden!
Soooo . . . .
I'm starting a second blog!
A Garden Blog!
By the way . . . this is it & you are here!

I'm also starting out with a personal 30 day challenge,
the details of which I'll post here very soon!

Till then, enjoy this beautiful Hosta blossom!
This hosta is called "Guacamole" my new favorite!

Lori Ann

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Z said...

Love the pictures and I'm looking forward to your adventures. I hope they inspire me to have more of my own.