Monday, May 27, 2013

Yesterday's project . . .

Hello all!
So far my attempts to be a better garden blogger have not been up to par.

Today it's raining and everything looks amazingly green!
It's been an odd start to the season with cooler than normal 
temperatures and a good amount of rain. 
I'm not complaining mind you! 
Last summer's heat and drought were pretty unbearable. 
I have felt a bit behind & we have a deadline of summer company in mid June.
I would love to be able to sit back and relax by then,
save for a little daily watering and maintenance!
Our mulch was laid last week giving the garden a much needed boost
as well as protecting all the roots and shoots
from the summer heat I'm sure is still to come.

Except for vegetables we don't have much planting to do
as I'm beginning to run out of space.  Did I just say that?  Nahhhh!
I can always do a bit and there is always re-arranging!
But first we are tackling a couple little "hardscape" jobs.
Yesterday we put in landscape timbers around the outside of the kitchen garden.
First thinking we would just kind of pop them around the edge.
Quick and easy - Right?
 Then we decided to put husbands tools to use and do something a little sturdier.
They are all dug in, and connected with brackets.
Even running into then full speed with a mower won't budge them!
Now the strawberries are happy and I have a little added space for planting!
Next up is placing rocks!
More on that next time!
Till then enjoy this photo of my Clematis  . . . she's just starting to blossom!
Happy digging,
Lori Ann

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In a garden each day brings something new . . .

I love the rapidly changing sights of spring.
As the daffodils wane, the hosts begin to break the earths surface and a pear tree
glows with fresh blooms.
Oh Miss Spring , each day a different outfit!
Lori Ann

Thursday, March 7, 2013

(I posted this on my work blog the other day, but thought I'd repeat it here as well . . .
my little sign of spring to come!)

When I lived in the country there were bluebirds, always and everywhere.
 I loved that first sign of spring when one might come sit on my studio window sill
to reassure me that yes, it's really coming!
How beautiful is it that something so simple can bring a smile and hope?
I have missed my bluebirds.
Living in the suburbs they don't like such close quarters.
Yes, I've seen them on walks to the park, or drives in the country, but
in the 10 years we have lived here never in our backyard.
Until . . . . . Sunday !
Even taken thru the screen this image makes me smile.
A bluebird in the suburbs.
Movin' on up?
Or loss of habitat?
But for today I'll just smile!

May you always have a bluebird on your shoulder,
Lori Ann

Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 hopeful . . .

Hopeful . . . 
Of course this word can mean many things to many people.
For this blog it means that I am "hopeful" that I can be a better garden 
blogger in 2013.
Last year was not the prettiest of garden years . . . 
i spent my days playing defense with a garden hose  . . .  watering relentlessly
just to keep everything alive in the heat.
I am "hopeful" that this new year will bring a lovely garden season,
nice warmth, just the right amount of rain, plenty of sunshine
and no bugs!
But I'll work with whatever we get.
In the mean time . . .  enjoy this photo I took right after Christmas of
the kitchen garden during a pretty snow.
Lori Ann