Thursday, March 7, 2013

(I posted this on my work blog the other day, but thought I'd repeat it here as well . . .
my little sign of spring to come!)

When I lived in the country there were bluebirds, always and everywhere.
 I loved that first sign of spring when one might come sit on my studio window sill
to reassure me that yes, it's really coming!
How beautiful is it that something so simple can bring a smile and hope?
I have missed my bluebirds.
Living in the suburbs they don't like such close quarters.
Yes, I've seen them on walks to the park, or drives in the country, but
in the 10 years we have lived here never in our backyard.
Until . . . . . Sunday !
Even taken thru the screen this image makes me smile.
A bluebird in the suburbs.
Movin' on up?
Or loss of habitat?
But for today I'll just smile!

May you always have a bluebird on your shoulder,
Lori Ann

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prince snow farm said...

This is beautiful! I fave only seen one bluebird in my lifetime. It was beautiful, and memorable, and has a very long story to go with it for another time! Just discovered your other blogs!