Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 hopeful . . .

Hopeful . . . 
Of course this word can mean many things to many people.
For this blog it means that I am "hopeful" that I can be a better garden 
blogger in 2013.
Last year was not the prettiest of garden years . . . 
i spent my days playing defense with a garden hose  . . .  watering relentlessly
just to keep everything alive in the heat.
I am "hopeful" that this new year will bring a lovely garden season,
nice warmth, just the right amount of rain, plenty of sunshine
and no bugs!
But I'll work with whatever we get.
In the mean time . . .  enjoy this photo I took right after Christmas of
the kitchen garden during a pretty snow.
Lori Ann

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Mouse Droppings Folk Art said...

Good day...One of my goals this year is to spend more time in the garden and to join a local gardening group that comes together to grow produce. I to am hoping for a wonderful spring and summer. Cheers, Susan