Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Plant, Grow, Eat - Day 10

Well . .  it's one BUSY week here!
Lot's of work deadlines, and less time to tend garden and cook,
real life  . . .  funny how it is!

BUT . . . still no reason not to eat healthy!
Or to spend hours in the kitchen.

"Village salad" that you saw in a prior post is one of our "fall backs".
It's fast, easy, fresh, healthy and good.
We really do have this a couple times a week, especially since the cucumbers show
no signs of letting up!

On the Menu:
Whole Wheat Orzo with Pesto and Mizithra
(Mizithra is a greek sheep milk cheese)
Village Salad
(Village salad and pesto recipes are on the recipe page)

That's it simple and yummy!

Lori Ann

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