Thursday, August 25, 2011

Plant, Grow, Eat - Day 25

I love a good one bowl meal!
Especially a colorful and healthy one like this.

On the Menu:
Whole Wheat Pasta
with . . . Swiss Chard *, garlic *, onions * & cherry tomatoes *
Topped with Mizithra & fresh basil *
A piece of crusty bread on the side

The basic idea :
All amounts are personal preference :-)
Cook Whole Wheat pasta of your choice according to directions.
While that is cooking . . . Wash and stem Swiss chard (or fresh spinach), tear into 2" pieces, 
cut cherry tomatoes in half.
Saute a bit of chopped onion & minced garlic in olive oil.
Stir in Chard and saute until it begins to wilt nicely, add tomatoes
and cook till tomatoes are hot and begin to crinkle.
Don't overcook tomatoes or they will get mushy.
(Of course this is personal preference as well!)
Add cooked pasta and season with salt, pepper and a tad more olive oil if needed.
Top with grated cheese and fresh basil.
A squeeze of Lemon would also be a nice addition!

(Mizithra is a Greek sheep's milk cheese . .  you can also use Parmesean)

* From the garden

Lori Ann

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